Guatemala Partnership (ILAG)


Hope Lutheran Church is proud to have a partnership with a Lutheran congregation in Guatemala by the name of San Juan Bautista (Saint John the Baptist).  It is in the community of Zaculeu, which is located in the northern, Peten region of the country.

The primary purpose of our visits is to build relationships with the people who are members of the church.    are humbled by the faith of these brothers and sisters in Christ who live without running water or electricity and whose houses have tin roofs and dirt floors. Yet they are a joyful people who greatly appreciate our visits. While we are there, we worship with them, we do a Bible School program with the children, we play games and sing songs together, we eat with them, we listen as they share their stories of survival during the civil war, as well as visit people and places in their small community. One year we also helped to plant a number of orange and mango trees in their yards.

For more information on joining us in Guatemala, please contact Pastor Jonathan Zielske. <link: jz email>

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